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How to Care for Horses As Pets

Horses are very gentle creatures. They have the capacity to love and obey their masters. The animals are good companions because they can bond to humans. Besides, horses are strong animals. They can do heavy tasks to please their masters.

Care for Horses

Many people take horses as pets. Usually, they are the same ones who join equestrian competitions or simply enjoy a good ride around the farm. Properly take care of your pet horse by doing the following things:

1. Feed your horse with the proper food.

Horses feed on grain-based plants. But they do love fruit and sugar as well. You can give your horse these treats every now and then. If you decide to put out your horse on a pasture, specifically check that there aren’t poisonous plants around. Yew, laurel, buttercups, and horsetail are some examples of the weeds horses should never take. Once they ingest it, the results are going to be harmful. Always provide your horse with fresh water all the time. Refill its water bucket twice everyday or whenever it runs dry.

2. Exercise is important.

Never keep your horse in the stable for days. Horses need exercise. Their muscles should be stretched out on a regular basis because they are active animals. Take it out for a ride. Or leave it wandering off a fenced area. However, you have to make sure that the whole area is properly sealed off. Horses can easily jump, run, and escape. You can use regular wire for a fence. Never use barbed wire, though. The horse can hurt itself with it.

3. Horses need companion.

While horses are generally gentle and tame, they can be wild and discontented if they don’t feel the company of humans or other horses. Like people, horses are social animals. They don’t really want to be kept by themselves. They want attention and love, either from their masters or from another horse. The simple act of patting the horse, touching its mane, and riding on its back should be enough to make the horse feel loved.

4. Make sure that the horse’s shelter is well maintained.

Horses need to be protected from the elements like the sun, wind, and rain. Therefore, you have to make sure that the barn is always in tiptop condition. Keep it clean all the time. Stables should be cleaned three times in a day. And make sure that the horse has proper the bedding for the night.  Put fresh straw on the stable on a regular basis. Straw is the most preferred bedding for horses because it is cheap, comfortable, and warm. There are minimun standards on how to look after horses indoors. This is absolutlely essential if you want your horse to compete in any kind of competition that it is looked after in the best way possible.

5. Groom your horse regularly

Daily grooming for horses is required, especially if it is kept in the stable most of the time. Grooming keeps the horse’s coat healthy. Leaving your horse out in the pasture periodically would allow natural oils from its body to work its way towards the coat, leaving it warm and healthy.

Just follow these tips and your horse would be the happiest pet in the world. And your pet would definitely enjoy running the tracks and jumping the hurdles with you.

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