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Natural Horse Care – The Simple Things Usually Work Best

It always amazes me that horses have lived in the wild as long as they did and thrived.  This is because my horse is always finding a way to injure himself; I guess he managed to acquire the injury gene.

But one thing I have learned from having my poor, lovable, injury prone horse is that the natural things usually work just as well, if not better, than the other, more expensive treatments.  Believe me, we spend a lot of money on vet care, and if he gets a serious injury, we are calling the vet immediately.  But we use common sense, and natural treatments that we have learned from our vets through the years.horsecarenat

The first natural treatment is having good quality food for your horse.  Get a quality feed.  This is where becoming friends with the feed store folks comes in handy.  They will recommend the best food for your horse, considering age and other factors.

Horses are grazing animals.  Make sure they have plenty of forage.  If possible have a pasture for him to graze in.  I know, it is impossible in some locations to have a pasture, I’ve been there, but it is always best to have a pasture when you can get it.  If not, feed good hay.

Remember, horses are an eating machine.  It is natural for them to eat all day, so we feed ours several times a day.  We feed a small amount of grain three times a day, along with his hay.

The other important natural thing, have plenty of fresh water.  Horses drink a lot.  If you notice your horse doesn’t drink as much water as normal, you need to start being concerned.  A horse can dehydrate very quickly and this can lead to serious problems.

Another important aspect of good health, is good grooming.  A clean horse is a healthy horse.  If your horse loses his shiny healthy looking coat, he may have worms or another parasite.

If you have to give medicine to your horse, give him molasses.  Our horse loves it, and it makes it easier to get the medicine down.  Horses are a lot like kids in that aspect.

One of the best natural care tips is just spend time with him every day.  By spending time with your horse on a daily basis, you will notice the minor changes in his temperament and you can head off serious illness before it can cripple your horse.